Shipping Information

[updated 02/11/2021]

We ship with Canada Post only.

Shipping options without tracking:
– Letter Mail
– Free Shipping
– Small Package

Shipping options with tracking:
– Tracked Package
– Expedited Parcel
– Express Post

Due to COVID-19 impact, all Canada Post delivery guarantees are still suspended.

Please note that domestic standard shipments can take 1-3 weeks longer, shipments to USA up to 4 weeks longer, and international shipments up to 5 weeks longer than before COVID-19.

Delays for Tracked / Expedited / Express items are much less and typically just about some days.

Some parts of our regular shipping policy are currently suspended (marked with strikethrough).

How long takes shipping?

We strive to provide a delivery service beyond all expectations. We are well prepared to offer the best and fastest possible service to our customers in Canada and the United States, with average shipping times of around 3-5 business days (domestic; USA about +5 business days)

How do you ship packages?

We ship every order with Canada Post from our warehouse in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is your choice to select a shipping method that suits your requirements.

Do you ship worldwide?

We provide shipping to Canada, the USA, most of Europe and many other countries. We don’t ship to countries with unpredictable shipping delays or a high risk of a total loss.

Domestic shipments (Canada)

Within Canada, we offer Letter Mail for low-value orders, with no tracking option. This service is as safe as tracked packages, perhaps much slower than Expedited Parcel or Xpress Post, but it also comes for a cheaper price. The right choice if you want to save some money, and don’t care about shipping time too much.

Expedited Parcel and Express Post is always available and the fee depends on the weight and size of your parcel. Shipping fees calculated in real-time by Canada Post.

Free Shipping automatically becomes available for orders >200 CAD. The Free Shipping Option includes a tracking number for you to monitor your shipment.

Worldwide and United States

We provide shipping to currently about 30 countries, USA and most of Europe included. We offer Letter Mail Shipping to USA for light-weight and low-value orders, which doesn’t include tracking. Shipping time for Letter Mail can widely vary from 10 days to 5 weeks. This is out of our control. If you prefer a faster delivery and a tracking number, please select an upgraded shipping option (always included in Free Shipping for orders >200 CAD).

Expedited Parcel, Tracked Package and Express Post are available for US customers, while for international customers usually only Tracked Package is available (due to COVID-19 related limitations). Fees are calculated in real-time by Canada Post and depend on the size and weight of your parcel.

Free Shipping for US customers automatically becomes available for orders >200 CAD and always includes a tracking number.

Free Shipping is not available for customers outside of Canada and the United States.

Will my items be sent in one package?

Usually, for shipments with tracking, all ordered items will be shipped together in a single shipment. But for letter mail shipments to other regions than Canada and the USA, we have to carefully watch the weight and size limits of every shipment, and therefore, some orders will be split into two or even more shipments.

What can I do if my order didn’t arrive?

In case you selected the Letter Mail option or a shipping option without tracking, you can apply for a refund not earlier than 45 days and not later than 90 days after your order was marked as completed.

If your shipment has a tracking number and it shows that there was no status update for at least 2 weeks for domestic orders or 3 weeks for international orders, we will open a ticket with Canada Post customer support on your behalf. In this case please contact our customer support by email. We need to give Canada Post a reasonable amount of time to investigate the whereabouts of your shipment and to confirm a loss before we are able to proceed with a refund.

Refunds for lost orders shipped without tracking will only be issued as a shopping coupon.
Refunds for lost orders with tracking number will be sent to your original payment method.