XTAR VC2S Dual Bay Lithium Battery Charger with LCD

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Advanced 2-Bay Charger with LCD. Besides charging of 3.6-3.7V Lithium Cells in the size 10440 to 26650*, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH cells, it can also activate deep discharged cells and measure the cell capacity.

– Charging current: 1x2A or 2x1A
– Charging end voltage Lithium: 4.2V (+/- 50mV)
– Charging end voltage NiMH/NiCd: 1.45V (+/- 100mV)
– For Lithium cells 10440 to 26650
– For NiMH/NiCd cells AA / AAA / AAAA / C
– Polarity protection

XTRA VC2S integrates the most advanced TC-CC-VC charging technology:

TC – Trickle charge: Trickle charge is used when the battery voltage is lower than 3V. The trickle charging current is one-tenth of the constant current charge current, ie 0.1c (for example, the constant charge current is 1A, then the trickle charge current is 100mA).

CC – Constant current charging: When the battery voltage rises above the trickle charge threshold, increase the charging current for constant current charging. When the constant current is charged, the battery voltage is detected. When the battery voltage is close to the cutoff voltage (for the cutoff voltage of the lithium battery, the discharge cutoff is 2.7V, and the charge cutoff is 4.2V. No matter which reason caused, once exceeding these two voltages, the battery will be damaged.), constant current charging is over.

CV – Constant voltage charging: When the battery voltage rises to 4.2V, the constant voltage charging phase begins. At this time, the charger will detect the charging current. According to the saturation degree of the battery, the charging current will gradually decrease from the maximum value as the charging process continues. When the current drops below the threshold (usually 0.01C), the charger is cut off. The output is considered to be charging completed. Here the C is a representation of the battery’s nominal capacity against the current, such as the battery is 1000mAh capacity, 1C is the charging current 1000mA.

This is a kind of care for the battery. The trickle charge uses a soft start method to slowly increase the current, protect the charger and the battery, and the constant current is charged by a constant current to ensure the charging speed. When the battery is almost full, the constant voltage is charged. The charging current will gradually decrease, so that the battery can reach the full charge as much as possible. Three-stage charging is currently one of the most advantageous ways to charge a battery.

The display shows charging capacity, charging current and internal cell resistance.

The channel LED signal turns green if the cell is charged or the charger is in standby, and it turns red for charging, activating and examining of the cell.

This charger comes with an integrated powerbank function with a 5V / 1A USB output.

The micro-USB power cable is included; a USB power supply (phone charger) 5V / 2.1A is required.

*can not charge protected 20700 / 21700 batteries

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