WEMOS D1 Mini ESP32 Minikit Dual Core 240MHz WiFi Bluetooth

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ESP32 MiniKit is an extremely powerful WeMos D1 Mini class compatible Wifi + Bluetooth + BLE module with the ESP32 WROOM 32 bit Dual Core micro controller. It is compatible to Arduino IDE, coming with 4MB Flash Memory, and max. 240MHz clock speed. ESP8266 based development boards are the perfect core for your Internet Of Things project, or tiny web server.

This D1 Mini compatible module is 30-50 times faster than an ATmega328 (Arduino UNO), and comes with plenty of memory (4MB = 32Mbit). After installing the board file, the Arduino IDE can be used to develop and upload programs to the Wifi module. The header can be used to attach other WeMos D1 form factor compatible shields.

Please pay attention when you connect other active periphery to the I/O pins, because this is a 3.3V logic level device and higher levels on any pin will destroy it. The max. input voltage for the analog pin is 3.2V.

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