WEMOS D1 Mini compatible BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module

WEMOS D1 Mini compatible BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module

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BMP180 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Shield for WEMOS D1 Mini development environment.

This shield is designed for the WEMOS Mini/Mini Pro D1 and allows for precise measuring of atmospheric pressure and can be connected over WiFi.

This shield uses the Bosch BMP180 to measure barometric pressure and temperature from an I2C 3.3V WEMOS Microcontroller.

Combined with a WEMOS board, this information can be communicated via internet and be used to control a system.

The programs are compiled using WEMOS XI expansion in Arduino.

The BMP180 is a digital barometric pressure sensor of Bosch Sensortec, with a very high performance, which enables applications in advanced mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and sports devices. The ultra-low power consumption down to 3 μA makes the BMP180 the leader in power saving for your mobile devices. BMP180 is also distinguished by its very stable behavior (performance) with regard to the independency of the supply voltage.

Bosch BMP180 Data Sheet

Example codes for Wemos D1 Mini Sensors and Modules (GitHub)

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