USBtinyISP, ISP AVR programmer for Atmega Attiny Arduino

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USBtinyISP, ISP AVR programmer for Atmega Attiny Arduino is an extremely popular ISP programming device, and tested with Windows, MacOS, and Linux. We recommend to use the driver packages from the download section below. USBtinyISP is compatible to AVRDUDE version 5.5 and newer, and is supported by Arduino IDE. Within the Arduino IDE, it can be selected to burn the boot loader on a blank chip, or to upload your sketches on Arduino chips and board without a boot loader (this saves some memory). USBtinyISP only works with controllers with 64kB or less memory (for example Atmega 2560 with 256kB is not supported).

Our USBtinyISP comes with a 6-pin cable, compatible with the standard ICSP header like on Arduino boards. A USB cable can be ordered separately.


  • PCB size 28.5 x 56.5 mm
  • Standard USB-B connection to PC/Mac
  • 8- and 6-pin header for programming cable
  • 6-pin cable for Arduino boards included
  • LEDs for power and communication
  • Jumper for power supply (read the documentation!!)
  • USB cable as an option (30 cm / 1 ft)



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