USB Voltmeter – Ammeter – Charge Meter with LCD

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This little USB Voltage and Amperage meter with LCD screen shows the current voltage on your USB port (Computer or Wall Wart for example), and the currently drawn Amps. Is is extremely helpful to troubleshoot USB powered devices like USB Hubs, or even USB powered electronic projects like Arduino, Raspberry or other micro controllers. Sometimes, current peaks on USB ports can cause attached devices to fail. The exact reading of current and voltage on the USB port can help to determine the issue.

Furthermore, it measures the time (hh:mm) and shows the amount of electrical energy drawn within the time. This helps to measure the currently charged capacity of a rechargeable battery.

USB Voltage range: 4-9V
USB Current max.: 3.3A
Capacity max.: 99999mAh
Measuring Time max.: 99h
Precision: ca. 1%

The currently charged capacity and the current charging time will be memorized in case of a power loss / disconnect.

To reset current capacity and charging time readings, the RESET button must be pressed for about 3 seconds.

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