Thermoelectric Peltier-Effect Cooler – Heater 12V 50W – 40×40 mm

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Hebei I.T. from Shanghai produces a great lineup of Peltier elements. We decided to add the TEC1-12705 module to our catalog due to its small size and impressive performance.

We used the TEC1-12705 to chill a can of beer within less than 5 minutes from room temperature to perfect drinking temperature.

Such an element can also help with overclocking high-performance processors by colling them down to freezing temperatures far below room temperature.

How it works:
As soon DC voltage is connected to the [+] and [-] wires, the hot side of the element starts to heat up and the cold side cools down. The effect is similar to a heat pump.

To avoid overheating of the hot side, sufficient cooling is necessary and typically done by a combination of a heat sink and forced air (fan).

I assume you know this effect from typical electric cooling boxes. They usually have a fan inside to blow out the hot air, and a large aluminum profile inside to remove the warmth from inside the box.

The effect is reversed by changing the polarity of the connection.

Technical specifications
Operating voltage @ 25C: 14.2V max.
Operating voltage @ 50C: 16.2V max.
Operating current: 5.3A max.
Operating temperature: 138C max.
Max. temperature difference: 66-68C
Expected lifespan: 200,000 hours (>22 years)
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 4 mm
Wire connections: 16 AWG, 15 cm (PTFE)

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