STM32Duino CS32F103C8T6 Arduino Blue Pill 72MHz

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STM32Duino CS32F103C8T6 Arduino Blue Pill 72MHz

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We make it happen!! These “Blue Pill” ARM Cortex-M3 boards are a very fast, and far more powerful alternative to Arduino development boards like the NANO with its Atmega328 chip! Our “Blue Pill” boards are different: Compatible to Arduino IDE, recognized as USB device, easily programmable using Arduino IDE and Arduino code!! Every single board has been programmed with the Arduino Boot Loader and tested in our facility here in Canada! As far we know, are we the ONLY supplier today, who offers the “Blue Pill” development boards with ready-to-go Arduino compatibility! About the size of an Arduino NANO, but 5x as fast, with much more ports, 4x higher A/D resolution, 4 times higher PWM resolution. The 3.3V supply is generated on board, you need a 5V power supply for it. Most of the ports can handle 3.3V and 5V as well. These are the quiet impressive features of that little module: – 29 I/O ports, thereof 15 PWM out and 10 analog in – Real Time Clock with crystal 32kHz and backup battery input – 2 x I2C bus, 3 x serial interface (GPIO) – only 53 x 22 mm small – STM32 compatible CS32F103C8T ARM Cortex-M3 MCU – 72MHz internal clock speed for high processing power – on board ST-Link header for in-circuit programming/debugging – 3.3V device with 5V tolerant I/O ports (most of them) Our “Blue Pill” module has 40 pins, and it fits in a DIP40 socket. The pin headers are shipped with the boards, but not assembled. PLEASE READ: You need to install Arduino IDE support for the Universal-Solder STM32 Mini USB Development Board in order to be able to use the Arduino IDE for programming. You will find every information you need to do so on the official STM32duino website. Please go there and read the information about how to install the “Blue Pill”. Note: These modules come with the 10k pull-up resistor on D- and they will not be recognized as USB device on some USB ports (estimated less than 5%). Replacing resistor R10 with 1k5 or adding a parallel resistor of 1k8 will fix the problem.

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