Stand-Alone Arduino Atmel Microchip AVR Atmega Boot Loader Programmer

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The Stand Alone Automatic Arduino Uno Atmega328P Boot Loader Programmer Flasher is the one and only easy to operate tool to produce your own Arduino Uno R3 processors. It flashes the Arduino boot loader within seconds, and fully automatically. All you need is a 5V USB power supply (USB port or phone charger), and an Atmel Atmega328P-PU chip (blank or already used). This world exclusive product comes as fully tested, ready to use device. Connect any USB power supply to the programming device, insert a blank or already used micro controller, and press the start button. After about 7 seconds the Arduino UNO boot loader is installed on the chip. Now you can use the chip on any Arduino UNO R3 development board, your bread board installation, or any other project which requires an “Arduino Chip”. In contrast to other methods to program an Arduino UNO boot loader does our CANADUINO programming device neither require a computer nor another Arduino board for programming. The programmer gives you optical (LEDs) and acoustical (buzzer) notification about fail or success of the programming. The boot loader which will be installed is for standard Arduino UNO R3 development boards (5V, 16MHz external clock source). This products includes the fully tested programming device and a USB power cable. Reseller inquiries welcome.

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