ST-LINK V2 In-Circuit Programmer and Debugger for STM8 STM32

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USB In-Circuit Programmer and Debugger compatible with ST-LINK V2 for the STM8 and STM32 microcontroller families.

The single wire interface module (SWIM) is used to communicate with any STM8 or STM32 microcontroller located on an application board. It supports SWIM download debugging.

The supported software versions are for example:

– ST-LINK Utility 2.0 and above
– STVD 2 and above
– STVP 3.2.3 and above
– IAR EWARM V6.20 and above
– IAR EWSTM8 V1.30 and above
– KEIL RVMDK V4.21 and above

The ST-LINK V2 compatible USB adapter supports an automatic firmware upgrade, to ensure compatibility with future STM controllers.

The colors are randomly picked.

Please see STM Website for more information and software download.

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