Smallest Arduino UNO / Nano Class Atmega328P Bread Board Buddy V2

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NEW and advanced design, the all new CANADUINO Bread Board Buddy V2 development board DIY kit (needs soldering/assembling).

This module has the same pinout as an Arduino Nano, but comes with an Atmega328P-PU (Arduino UNO processor).

This module is your 1st choice to develop your projects on a bread board, and it saves a lot of bread board space, and development time. When you are done developing, just take the chip out and move it over to your Arduino UNO board, or any other application. Or use Bread Board Buddy V2 together with the chip as Arduino NANO replacement (some limitations apply).

CANADUINO Bread Board Buddy V2 has the typical 2 LEDs for power and D13, and the reset button on board. The Atmel MCU is already programmed with boot loader and “blink” sketch, just like any original Arduino Development Board.

NEW with V2 is the power LED, and a 5-pin header to connect the optional USB adapter (click for it) for easy programming, or to establish a serial RX/TX connection to any other peripheral device.

We also have a set of 3 Bread Board Buddy V2, including a the mentioned USB Adapter for FREE.

Since there is no voltage regulator on board, the power supply should be 4.5 to 5.5V (see Atmel ATmega328P-PU data sheet for details).

Documentation, data sheet, instructions…

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