Police Car Red-Blue Flickering Emergency Strobe Lights DIY Kit

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A fun beginners kit to build, and to use as well… But carefully, don’t use it in public or on the road!
This super easy to build Police Car Emergency Light DIY kit comes with 12 red and 12 blue LEDs, has a potentiometer on board to control the speed of the light effect, and needs a power supply of 9-12V DC.
The 2 areas on the sides, holding the LEDs, can easily be snapped of, and then reconnected with 2 wires to the circuit board.
Names and values of the parts are clearly printed on the PCB; there is no extra instructions needed. Just make sure the correct polarity of all parts. There are different kinds of LEDs in these kits, and some of them are clear, and not like on the pictures. But this does not make any difference in the function.
The size of the PCB is 93 x 29mm, the “wings” with the LEDs are 29 x 20mm after you snapped them off.
Have fun!

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