Arduino Monster Moto Shield 2 x 30A Dual Stepper DC Motor Driver 2 x VNH2SP30

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Arduino Monster Moto Shield 2 x 30A Dual Stepper DC Motor Driver 2 x VNH2SP30

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The Monster Moto Shield, developed by SparkFun, is pretty much the only Dual Motor Driver Arduino Shield with noticeable current delivery capability.

The 2 Full-H motor driver ICs are ST Microelectronics VNH2SP30, developed for automotive applications. These drivers are capable of putting out +/- 30A continuous current, and operate on a max. voltage of 16V. Considered a typical application voltage of 12V, is this shield able to operate 2 DC motor with 360 Watts (each).

This is enough juice for a balancing robot in the 100 pounds range, or for a home made “Segway”, for example.

Thanks to open hardware licensing, we are able to offer this amazing Arduino shield for a fairly lower price point than MSRP (69.95 USD).

Please note: The driver ICs can handle an continuous current of about 6A without additional cooling under pretty much any condition. If you crank up the current to the recommended max. of about 14A, you can reach the max. chip temperature and should consider additional cooling. The absolute max. of 30A can only be used with proper cooling (heat sink or active cooling).

The board comes with over-voltage protection, and shuts down when the voltage exceeds 16V. Voltage higher than 41V will destroy the board! The maximum peak current is 50A, before the driver shuts off for protection.

This is a 5V device. The HIGH logic level must be at least 3.25V, and this board will not work together with an Arduino Due and its 3.3V logic level!

VNH2SP30 Data Sheet

SparkFun Monster Moto Shield home page

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