Mini Lithium Charger and Booster – 5V 2A – with Battery Gauge

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A tiny module to charge a lithium cell (4.2V max.) with a powerful current of 2.1A from a 5V power source.

4 LEDs show the charging level in 25% steps.

The module also contains a 5V booster converter with a maximum output current of 2.1A.

The output is activated automatically as soon a load is connected but turns off if the load is less than 50mA. The output stays on continuously if the load exceeds 50mA. It is also possible to trigger the output by pressing a small button on the module or apply GND level to the contact pad marked with “key”.

An application can be for example an uninterrupted power supply for a microcontroller project, where the battery is recharged from time to time.

It is very easy to integrate the module in your circuitry since input, output and battery use the same GND pin. Just cut the 5V power supply line of your device or circuit, connect the module with its input “VIN” and output “OUT +5V” to the 2 open wire ends of your 5V supply voltage, connect the lithium battery [+] to the “BAT” pin on the module, and the battery [-] and the ground level of your circuit to the “GND” pin. That’s it.

The dimensions of the module are 25 x 16mm, the weight is 2.6g

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