16 Channel GPIO Expander for Arduino etc. with MCP23017 and I2C Interface

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With this breakout board, you can add 16 digital inputs / outputs to any microcontroller with I2C interface. 8 of these modules are cascadable, giving you a possible total of 128 additional GPIO on your microcontroller, like an Arduino development board, for example. The MCP23017 is a very capable chip, with programmable pull-up resistors, interrupt handling, and many other features. Most interesting is the fact, that it can deliver 25mA on every GPIO pin. This is a lot more than most port expander chips have to offer. There are very good instructions for example on Youtube, how to use this module. And there is a library for Arduino on Github, making it super easy to add this module to your Arduino project. – 16-bit I/O Port Expander – Operating Voltage 1.8 to 5.5V – Operating Temperature -40 to 125 C – Interface I²C – Max. Bus Frequency 1700 kBits/s

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