MAX9814 HiFi microphone AGC amplifier module, low noise, low THD

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The MAX9814 is a low-cost, high-quality microphone amplifier with automatic gain control (AGC) and low-noise microphone bias. The device features a low-noise preamplifier, variable gain amplifier (VGA), output amplifier, microphone-bias-voltage generator and AGC control circuitry.

The low-noise preamplifier has a fixed 12dB gain, while the VGA gain automatically adjusts from 20dB to 0dB, depending on the output voltage and the AGC threshold. The output amplifier offers selectable gains of 8dB, 18dB, and 28dB. With no compression, the cascade of the amplifiers results in an overall gain of 40dB, 50dB, or 60dB. A trilevel digital input programs the output amplifier gain. An external resistive divider controls the AGC threshold and a single capacitor programs the attack/release times. A tri-level digital input programs the ratio of attack-to-release time. The hold time of the AGC is fixed at 30ms. The low-noise microphone-bias-voltage generator can bias most electret microphones.

– Supply Voltage: 2.7v-5.5v @ 3mA current
– Output: 2Vpp on 1.25V bias
– Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 KHz
– Programmable Attack and Release Ratio
– Automatic gain, selectable max from 40dB, 50dB or 60dB
– Low Input-Referred Noise Density of 30nV/
– Low THD: 0.04% (typ)

Specification: MAX9814 HiFi microphone AGC amplifier module, low noise, low THD







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  1. m.p (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect much out of a four dollar module with a microphone but I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality that it puts out.

    I tested it by connecting it to several different 5V supplies and a small (1W) speaker on the output. It picked up everything from clapping hands to voices to different tones, so it should be able to work as something to monitor sounds or voices, or even as something that picks up sudden loud sounds (like a “Clapper”-type device).

    Leaving the AGC threshold pin floating gave me the best sounding results, but the conditions I tested it under were pretty limited and there wasn’t much background noise.

    The module does a decent job of reducing electrical noise, but do yourself a favour and use a power supply with as little ripple as possible, keep the leads short, and use decoupling capacitors.

    I would’ve rated this module five stars for the performance and price, but the microphone was mounted crookedly and the microphone leads on the back of the board were long enough and bent so that they were touching and had to be snipped off before use. The silkscreen on the back of the module also says “adafruit” on it, despite the brand being listed as Canaduino.

    Long story short: works well, the price is good, but check the board for manufacturing problems before you connect it to anything (which you should probably do with most things, actually).

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    MAX9814 HiFi microphone AGC amplifier module, low noise, low THD
    MAX9814 HiFi microphone AGC amplifier module, low noise, low THD
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