18650 Lithium Cell Capacity Tester – Charge Meter – mAh and mWh Reading

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Fully assembled and tested Lithium Battery Capacity Tester Module.

The Tester shows the current cell voltage and measures the capacity.

To measure the quality (capacity) of a 18650 Lithium Cell, you make sure the Cell is fully charged before you start the process.

After inserting your 2 fully charged Cells, you adjust the cut-off discharge voltage with the + / – buttons and start the process with the most left of the 4 buttons.

The left button also stops the process, if necessary, and resets the readings for mAh and mWh by long-press.

With the 2nd button from the left can the display be switched from Cell voltage to mAh and mWh.

The discharge current is about 500mA.

You can power the tester by 2 Lithium Cells or an external power supply of 5-12V. If only 1 battery is in the tester, the tester must be powered by an external power source.

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