LED and KEY 8-Bit 8-Digit Display and Keys Module Arduino etc.

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LED Display (8 Digit) and KEYs (8 Bit) serial HID with TM1638 IC.

This Module comes with 8 tactile push buttons, 8 LED, and 8 Digit 7-Segment Display. With the serial driver IC TM1638 it only takes 3 I/O ports on the micro controller (Arduino, STM, etc.) to set the Display and to read the Buttons.

Code example and resources available online.

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1 review for LED and KEY 8-Bit 8-Digit Display and Keys Module Arduino etc.

  1. m.p (verified owner)

    I bought two of these and received them quickly and in good condition.

    They do exactly as advertised: eight buttons, eight 7-segment (with dot, so I suppose 8-segment?) displays, and eight LEDs. Works great at 5V, also works at 3.3V but is a little dimmer.

    Note that this is NOT an I2C or SPI bus device, it has its own pinout and command set. Still easy to use – libraries exist for Arduino, and the first one I tried (TM1638lite) worked like a charm.

    Well-built, all the buttons and LEDs work, and it took about three minutes from taking it out of the package to getting the buttons to show different letters on the display.

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