LED Clock Electronics Project with Alarm Temperature – Light Effects

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LED Clock Electronics Project with Alarm Temperature – Light Effects

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This is an amazing clock project! Assembling all the parts takes about 1/2 hour with mediocre soldering experience. The DS1302 RTC chip comes in an SMD package; assembling it will needs a steady hand.

The clock comes with multiple functions, like Date, Time and Temperature (F or C), has an Alarm Function with different Alarm Sounds to choose from, optional hourly chime function, and a ring of 60 LEDs to show the current second with different light effects.

There are 13 different displays to chose from, and they can be switch automatically by setting a timer function (once per hour, for example).

The real time clock chip DS1302 has an accuracy of about 0.5-2 minutes per month and keeps the current time also without external power source due to a small backup battery*.

With a photo resistor on-board, the display brightness can adjust automatically to the invironment. The brightness can also be adjusted manually.

A Mini-USB port is used for 5V power supply, for example from a phone charge or USB port.

The included manual is in Chinese, but an English troubleshooting guide is available online (follow the QR code on the included instructions). Since all parts are clearly named on the PCB, and the instruction sheet shows the exact part name and value for every part, there is absolutely no need for more assembling documentation. The functions are easy to find out using the 2 buttons on the back. The clock looks amazon when placed behind a semi-transparent mirror or tinted acrylic!

*1 x CR 1220 battery is included for time keeping without power supply

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1 review for LED Clock Electronics Project with Alarm Temperature – Light Effects

(verified owner)

Very cute, cleverly designed digital clock/thermometer. Extremely good value for money, special offers or not.

Pros: easy to assemble, supplied with excess bits too, just in case – I ended up with six spare LEDs and a couple of resistors 😉 Result looks great.
Pro: Battery backed clock, so you can safely move it around (run with a USB MINI connector.

Con: Build Instructions, neglgible, badly translated from a bad chinese translation. I’ve taken a load of photos and might even post an “Instructable” on assembiing it.
Con: No code, pre-programmed, so you can’t get to play with their code.
Con: NO SETTING INSTRUCTIONS ! Basically, play with the buttons until something cool happens, or not.

Assembly takes modest, but steady skills, use a fine tipped iron, get fine solder and a steady hand. I used professional tools, but a small pair of cutters, and needle nose pliers will make a great job of it. There is a single surface mount component that needs care to fit.

Overall: Recommended ! Took about 45 minutes to build.