LCD 2004 20×4 Green, Yellow Backlight, parallel or I2C serial

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4 line, 20 positions alpha numeric LCD 2004 with HD44780 (or compatible) display controller and the standard 4/8 bit parallel interface. The available I2C interface (option) fits right on the back of the display, and turns it’s interface from parallel to simple 2-wire I2C (perfect for micro controller like Arduino to save on I/O ports).

Please click HERE to order the optional I2C interface module.

4×20 green LCD character display bright yellow LED back light, high contrast, and optional serial interface (I2C, SDA/SCL) for micro controllers. The display needs a 5V power supply for operation. With the I2C interface installed, the back light can be controlled by software as well. Many different libraries for different programming languages and controller families are available, also countless examples.

  • Size 99 x 60 x 19 mm (I2C interface assembled)
  • Operating voltage 4.5V – 5.5V DC
  • Current consumption LCD: about 2mA
  • Current consumption backlight: 40mA
  • LED back light bright yellow, 5V
  • Display area 25 x 75 mm
  • I2C Interface board with PCF8574 (option).

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1 review for LCD 2004 20×4 Green, Yellow Backlight, parallel or I2C serial

  1. David Villeneuve (verified owner)

    Larger display at 75 mm wide than the pixel-addressable displays, but only displays characters. Bright screen. I used the “I2C LCD Interface Module for Dot-Matrix Character Displays” to drive it through the I2C bus. Note that this display requires 5V to operate. I connected the interface to 5V and used a “Logic Level Converter 3.3V-5V Bi-Directional on-board 3.3V LDO” to connect to the 3.3V I2C bus of an ESP8266. The LCD2004 also has an unpopulated area of the circuit board where you can solder an ICL7660 chip plus a couple of capacitors; then the LCD2004 can operate directly with 3.3V. The level shifter is simpler.

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