Green-Yellow LCD 1602 2×16 Character, parallel or I2C

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Transflective LCD 1602 216 character green/yellow, LED back light, is a standard type character LCD with 2 lines and 216 characters, green background, and bright yellow LED back light. This high contrast LCD features the standard Hitachi HD44780 display controller (or compatible), with an optional 2-wire serial interface (I2C, SDA/SCL) to save on micro controller connections. Several different I2C bus addresses can be selected to run more than 1 display on the same I2C bus the same time. It is supported for example by the Arduino IDE, using the common LiquidCrystal and Wire libraries (examples in the downloads below). The display needs 5V power supply, the LED back light can also be controlled by a software command.

Please find the optional I2C adapter here:
I2C adapter for LCD character displays


  • Size 80 x 36 x 19 mm
  • Operating voltage 4.5V 5.5V DC
  • LED back light 5V
  • Display area 14 x 64 mm
  • Option: interface board with PCF8574(A)


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