ESP32 LOLIN32 Lite MicroPython version with Battery Charger

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This ESP32 based WEMOS Lolin32 Lite compatible WiFi enabled Development Board comes with MicroPython Firmware (Interpreter) installed. All you need to program it, is a USB or serial (RX/TX) connection to the host (computer) and a terminal program. Programming is a lot simpler than Arduino (based on C), and can be done without the need for a special development environment (like Arduino IDE or AVR Studio).

Power Supply: 2.2V to 3.6V
Logic Level: 3.3V
– Xtensa 32-bit LX6 core, operating at 160 or 240 MHz and performing at up to 600 DMIPS
– Ultra low power (ULP) co-processor
– 520kB SRAM
– 4MB Flash
Wireless connectivity:
– Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
– Bluetooth: v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE Peripheral interfaces*:
– 12-bit SAR ADC up to 18 channels
– 2 8-bit DACs
– 10 touch sensors (capacitive sensing GPIOs)
– Temperature sensor
– 4 SPI
– 2 IS interfaces
– 2 IC interfaces
– 3 UART
– SD/SDIO/CE-ATA/MMC/eMMC host controller
– SDIO/SPI slave controller
– Ethernet MAC interface with dedicated DMA and IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol support
– CAN bus 2.0
– Infrared remote controller (TX/RX, up to 8 channels)
– Motor PWM
– LED PWM (up to 16 channels)
– Hall effect sensor
– Ultra low power analog pre-amplifier
– IEEE 802.11 standard security features all supported, including WFA, WPA/WPA2 and WAPI
– Secure boot
– Flash encryption
– 1024-bit OTP, up to 768-bit for customers
– Cryptographic hardware acceleration: AES, SHA-2, RSA, elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), random number generator (RNG)
Power management:
– Internal low-dropout regulator
– Individual power domain for RTC
– 5uA deep sleep current
– Wake up from GPIO interrupt, timer, ADC measurements, capacitive touch sensor interrupt

* – not all of the interface pins of the ESP32 module are accessible through the development board
* – this is a 3.3V device, make sure you use level shifter to connect I/O ports to higher logic level like 5V

WEMOS Lolin32 Lite official website

Specification: ESP32 LOLIN32 Lite MicroPython version with Battery Charger







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  1. bmillier1 (verified owner)

    This unit has a CH340 USB-serial bridge chip on it. Most other ESP32 boards have SI2102 USB chips so you will probably have that driver loaded, but not the one needed for this chip, so the board will not appear in Windows Device Manager until you load the driver- see Sparkfun website:
    After loading the driver, I can see the board- but in my Terminal program I get the following error message repeatedly:
    flash read err, 1000 ets_main_c 371
    This board is supposed to have MicroPython loaded. I wasn’t specifically planning on using Micropython, but I would have expected it to come up with the REPL prompt. When I downloaded an Arduino ESP32 sketch, the board took it and works properly, so I don’t know what that error was all about.

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    The LOLIN32 Lite board ALWAYS comes with the CH340 USB UART bridge. Some other products carry CP2102 or CP2104 or one of the many other USB-UART chips. This is definitely not a flaw since the CH340 chip is the most common in the world today and the drivers support Windows, Linux and even MacOS X.
    We received reports about the MicroPython firmware on these modules might not work as expected. If this is the case, it takes less than 5 minutes to download the PicroPython software and the ESPtool on your PC and to install any of the available MicroPython firmware on the module. This is truly a very easy process and something one would do sooner or later anyway to update to the latest MicroPython version.

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  3. Bradster (verified owner)

    Posting in case this helps anyone else – it had me stumped and I was concerned there was a problem with the boards. When using Arduino IDE (1.8 or 2.0 beta) on MacOS, using the ESP 32 Dev Module board profile, I was unable to upload a sketch and kept getting an error “A fatal error occurred: Timed out waiting for packet header”. This was resolved by changing the default upload speed from 921600 to 460800. With that change – everything seems to be working great and the upload speed is still very fast.

    + PROS: Price, form-factor, build quality, built-in battery connector.
    - CONS: The method for reading the battery voltage using the "built-in" ADC pin that worked on the TTGO T-Display is not working on this board. I plan to use this to replace those units in some projects so I'm hoping I can solve that issue.
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    ESP32 LOLIN32 Lite MicroPython version with Battery Charger
    ESP32 LOLIN32 Lite MicroPython version with Battery Charger
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