Digital Temperature Sensor DS18B20 with wire 1m, watertight

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This Digital Temperature Sensor with the simple 1-Wire Interface measures temperatures between -55 and +125 degrees Celsius.

Libraries for this sensor type and different programming environments, for example for Arduino or Raspberry, are available and easy to find.

The sensor element is conditionally watertight. Use it under wet conditions at your own risk.

A temperature alarm condition can be programmed right in the sensor (nonvolatile).

Every sensor element comes with a unique, digital serial number. Therefore, multiple sensors can be connected to the same 1-Wire interface.

– overall length is 100cm
– probe size is about 50 x 6mm
– voltage supply 3.0 to 5.5V DC
– operating current ca. 1.5mA
– standby current ca. 3A
– transmission current 1mA/4mA (logic 1/0)

Please refer to the DS18B20 data sheet for more information.

Comprehensive information about how to use DS18B20 with Arduino.

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1 review for Digital Temperature Sensor DS18B20 with wire 1m, watertight

  1. Stuart Kramer (verified owner)

    5 Stars … Works great! Setup with 1-wire interface on raspberry pi is simple. Well described at the following link.
    Note that you can attach more than one at a time on the 1-wire interface with no issues.
    The two I’ve tried so far are within 0.2 degrees of each other. At a zero degree ice/water bath they registered a little low (-1C) and were similarly a little low compared to other thermometers/probes I’ve tried. I didn’t take them up to boiling to establish a calibration curve, but by adding one degree, they’re close enough for my purposes. Watertight so far. So much better and simpler than the thermistors I’ve been using. Very good value.

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