Digital LED light effect Fidget Spinner DIY kit

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DIY 2-wing Anti-Stress Tool (Spinner) in SMD technology. This kit needs soldering of SMD parts, and is only recommended for people with SMD soldering experience.

Multiple green and blue LEDs light up in different patterns, selected by the prett of a small button. The same button turns the device on/off when pressed for 3s.

The 12 LEDs are arranged in 6 groups of 2 LEDs, and always 2 LEDs are connected in parallel. These are D1+D7, D2+D8, D3+D9, D4+D10, D5+D11 and D6+D12. When you assemble the green and blue SMD LEDs you must make sure to install the same color LEDs for each pair. For example D1+D7 green, or D4+D10 blue. If you mix the colours of the same pair, only the green LED will light up, and blue will stay off.

The PCB shows clearly the position of every part. Take your time assembling it, and it will be a success.

These are the components to put in place:

U1 = micro controller SOP-16
R1 – R6 = resistors
D1 – D12 = LEDs green and blue
C1 = capacitor

You will see that there are more resistors, capacitors and LEDs in the bag than you will actually need. These small resistors and capacitors can easily get lost, if you are not carefully enough, and then you will be happy to have some spare parts. Usually there are 16 LEDs in the bag (can be different) which gives you the option to modify the light pattern, to have more blue or more green LEDs, if you wish.

And this is the order how to assemble the parts:

Step 1 – Install micro controller U1 (watch the right direction!!).

Step 2 – Install LEDs. Find out about A and K on the LEDs using a multimeter, or one of the 3V batteries together with a resistor of 100-1000 Ohm. The direction is printed on the PCB (A is left, K is right).

Step 3 – Install resistors, the capacitor, and the button.

Step 4 – Assemble the battery holders on the bottom side, with the opening to push in the battery facing the edge of the PCB.

Now you can push in the batteries, press the button, and see if it works. If nothing lights up, you most likely assembled the LEDs or the chip in the wrong direction…

Step 5 – Peel off the paper of the black acrylic part and attach the bearing (press fit). If it will not go in there, use a file or sand paper to slightly widen the opening.

Step 6 – Slide the black acrylic part over the battery holders. The 4 holes in the acrylic part and in the PCB need to line up, this will only happen in one direction.

Step 7 – Install 4 brass nuts through the holes in PCB and the black acrylic part.

Step 8 – Peel off the paper of the other acrylic parts. Install the part with the multiple cutouts over the PCB, and the one with the button part on top. Attach them both with 4 long screws.

Step 9 – Install the last acrylic part with 4 short screws from the other side. Finish the bearing assembly by adding the 1 small and 2 big black spacers, the last nut, and tighten it with the last 2 long screws.

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