CP2102 USB-TTL Serial Adapter 3.3V and 5V Operation

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CP2102 USB-TTL Serial Adapter 3.3V and 5V Operation

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USB-TTL (serial RX/TX) adapter CP2101

The Silicon Labs CP2102 is a well known standard USB to TTL bridge adapter. When ever you have a serial port with standard TTL logic level, you can use this little adapter to make it “USB compatible”.

For example, you can use it to program any Arduino board without USB connector by connecting the RX/TX pins of the USB-serial adapter with the TX/RX pins of the Arduino board (or directly to the Atmega pins).

Drivers for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Windows CE and Android are available on Silicon Labs website.

Important note: These modules work fine, but the 3.3V output delivers a much higher voltage of about 4.25V, due to a design flaw. To fix it, just disconnect pin 9 from the trace by cutting the trace right on the pin. For more information please click HERE and read the related post on SiLabs customer forum.

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