CANADUINO Witty Cloud ESP8266 WiFi Module with USB Adapter

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CANADUINO Witty Cloud ESP8266 WiFi Module with USB Adapter – Compatible with Arduino

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Witty Cloud is a tiny WiFi module, perfectly fitting any solution for home automation and IOT applications.

It connects your current projects easily to WiFi, and is powerful enough to replace most of the beginner Arduino modules.

The ESP-12 WiFi module used on the Witty Cloud module offers more GPIO pins than most other ESP8266 variants.

You can use this module as a stand alone micro controller and program it using Arduino IED or LUA (as NodeMCU).

The Witty Cloud WiFi module comes with an LDR and a WS2812 addressable RGB led on board, ready for your projects.

Witty Cloud connects to USB (for programming and monitoring) through the included CH340 daughter board.

The module also contains an on-board antenna and voltage regulator chip (ESP8266 is a 3.3V device) to minimize external circuitry.

– LDR Light Sensor on board
– WS2812 RGB LED on board
– Supports 3 modes: AP, STA, AP+STA
– Dimensions: 30 x 31 mm footprint, 16 mm height
– Micro-USB on the WiFi module for power supply
– Micro-USB on the USB adapter for programming

Since we are not allowed to post any links here, please use your favorite search engine to find the board manager files for Arduino IDE and example code. There is a lot of support and instructions available on sites like GitHub and Instructables.

We recommend to download the required USB driver for your operating system from WCH official website.


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