CANADUINO Uno Bone “Maxxx” – rugged Arduino Uno R3 DIY Kit

CANADUINO Uno Bone “Maxxx” – rugged Arduino Uno R3 DIY Kit

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Canaduino Uno Bone “Maxxx” advanced Arduino Uno R3, the ultimate Arduino Uno compatible DIY kit. The smarter replacement for Arduino Uno boards in a permanent installation.


– 3 times stronger 5V voltage controller to supply large projects with 5V
– 5 times stronger 3.3V voltage controller for sensors, level converters, memory cards etc.
– unused sections can be disabled to save up to 90% power (LEDs, voltage regulator)
– professional terminal block replaces the shaky DC input

Canaduino Uno Bone “Maxxx” advanced Arduino Uno R3 compatible comes with the following features:

– Atmega328P-PU with socket and Arduino Uno bootloader installed
– 16 MHz crystal
– Reset button
– Screw terminal for Vin (7-35VDC), 5V out (max 1.5A), 3.3V out (max 250mA)
– 3 LEDs for 5V, 3.3V, digital port 13
– all LEDs can be deactivated by removing a jumper
– 5V linear regulator with max output 1.5A (3x the original Arduino Uno)
– 3.3V linear regulator with max output 250mA (5x the original Arduino Uno)
– Voltage regulators can be deactivated separately by removing 1 or 2 jumpers
– 4 female headers for all standard inputs, outputs and power connection
– 1 male header 2×3 pins for ICSP

NOTE: The “Bone” comes without USB interface. You need an Arduino Uno, Atmega programmer or ISP programmer to download your sketch into the processor.

Download data sheet / instructions HERE.

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