CANADUINO STC-3018 Heating or Cooling Thermostat 110-220V

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STC-3018 is a Single Temperature Controller with separate displays for setpoint and current temperature reading.

The controller has several different modes for heating or cooling and alarm settings.

Settings are stored even when power is interrupted.


– Temperature sensor NTC 10K, length 1m

– Measuring range -55 to 120°C

– Display resolution 0.1°C

– Sensor accuracy ±1°C

– Power supply 110-220VAC 50/60Hz

– Power consumption <3W

– Operating humidity (relative) 20 to 85%

– Relay output 10A/240VAC

The size of the front panel is about 75 x 34.5mm

The size of the base equals the front panel opening size and is about 70 x 28mm

The module is about 85.5mm deep (measured behind front panel) 


Enter the setup menu with the SET button. The left display will show the programming menu option and the right display shows the current setting. Change the settings with the error keys and save them by pressing SET again.

P0 = operating mode

Set this to H for heating or C for cooling 

P1 = hysteresis setting

The hysteresis is the difference between activating and deactivating the output. For example, a heater could be turned on when the temperature drops below 20 degrees and can be turned off when it has reached 23 degrees.


P2 = high temperature alarm

When the temperature reaches the set value, there will be an alarm shown and the unit stops its current operation. 

P3 = low temperature alarm 

When the temperature is lower than the set value, there will be an alarm shown and the unit stops its current operation.

P4 = temperature correction

Here an offset (positive or negative) can be added to the sensor reading as a way of calibration.

P5 = delayed start

This function is mostly used for compressor refrigeration to give it a minimum recreation time between cycles.

P6 = C/F display

The display can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit

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