CANADUINO PLC MEGA328 Electronics DIY Kit (100% compatible with Arduino)

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A fully fitted, tiny Programmable Logic Controller for Arduino NANO (compatible module included) with a footprint of only 100 x 80mm!

This DIY soldering kit offers an incredible cheap opportunity to add a programmable logic controller to many kinds of projects and machines like lighting, HVAC, greenhouses, water treatment or smokehouses. It can help you control your Halloween decoration or your manufacturing equipment.

CANADUINO MEGA328 100-12 PLC is powered by an Arduino NANO V3 or compatible module, and can be programmed using Arduino IDE or other tools like Mitov’s ingenious “Visuino”.

CANADUINO MEGA328 100-12 PLC fits just any budget but delivers power and versatility equal to 10x more expensive professional control devices.

MEGA328 100-12 PLC basic features:
– 4 analog 0-10V inputs (10mV res.)
– 4 analog 0-10V outputs (2.5mV res.)
– 4 digital inputs 3-15V or 5-24V *
– 6 digital 250V/5A relay outputs
– I2C bus for external sensors, displays etc.
DS1307 RTC (real-time clock) with a backup battery

MEGA328 100-12 PLC is a Do-It-Yourself kit comprising only through-hole parts and is easy to build using basic electronic tools.

The kit contains the PCB, all passive, active and mechanical parts, and a compatible NANO V3 module.

A Mini-USB Cable (link) is sold separately.

The backup battery CR2032 is not included.

A power supply 12V DC, min. 0.5A is required.


Substitute parts: If we can’t source the value of the part as shown in the schematics, we will ship the kit with a substitute part close enough to guarantee proper function. Please always install the exact matching parts first, and install Substitutes at last. This way, you will not mistakenly install the wrong parts.

We also offer a larger Arduino PLC Project, the CANADUINO PLC 300-24, based on Arduino MEGA2560, with a total of 54 analog and digital outputs. This is a project for serious automation applications.


Assembling Instructions 1.2 PDF Download

Nice assembling video and review by our great supporter “Pileofstuff” (YouTube)

* Both options are included in the parts kit. 


NOTE: The switching voltage converter to see on the pictures was replaced by an STM L7805CV linear voltage regulator for better EMC and higher reliability.

Specification: CANADUINO PLC MEGA328 Electronics DIY Kit (100% compatible with Arduino)







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CANADUINO PLC MEGA328 Electronics DIY Kit (100% compatible with Arduino)
CANADUINO PLC MEGA328 Electronics DIY Kit (100% compatible with Arduino)
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