CANADUINO Atomic Clock AM Receiver PCB with 60kHz and 77.5kHz Quartz

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Spare or replacement receiver for Atomic Clocks.

We ship this receiver board with 2 crystals for WWVB / MSF / JJY60 (60kHz) and DCF77 (77.5kHz).

The receiver also requires a tuned antenna to work.

A tuned antenna always has the necessary capacitor directly attached to it. Untuned antennas without the capacitor directly attached to them use a capacitor on the receiver PCB, and replacing the receiver PCB with a different module will undo the frequency tuning, making reception impossible.

The module can also be used with an external antenna with its own amplifier, for example. In this case, make sure you are not exceeding the maximum allowed input voltage of the receiver module (see data sheet).


– wide operating voltage range 3 to 15V
– current consumption LEDs off: <100µA
– current consumption LEDs on: <15mA
– super high sensitivity of 0.4µV (RMS)
– power down control pin
– fast start-up
– AGC control on/off
– 3.3V LDO on board with extremely low quiescent current
– buffered signal outputs can deliver up to 15mA
– suitable for reception within 40 to 100kHz

The 2 crystals have the following colour markings:
60kHz   77.5kHz


Download a detailed datasheet for the on-board MAS6180C receiver IC.

Documentation CANADUINO Atomic Clock Receiver Kit.


Troubleshooting 101:
1. If the LEDs do not show anything, you didn’t read the documentation or blew the whole thing up already.
2. If the output only flickers randomly, you didn’t read the documentation, used a combination of antenna and crystal with not matching frequencies or an untuned antenna.


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