CANADUINO 4-Channel WiFi Relay with ESP8266 – Arduino compatible

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A truly smart relay module, offering sink and source capability (select per channel by jumper) for 4 opto-insulated inputs, I2C interface with address selection to connect up to 8 modules to the same I2C bus, and socket for WEMOS D1 mini WiFi IoT module.

This module comes in the size of a credit card, with just 80 x 55 mm footprint.

This DIY soldering kit offers an incredible cheap opportunity to wirelessly control 4 load circuits (up to 250VAC, 5A) from a browser interface or smartphone app – the limit is your imagination and programming skills.

The (included) D1 mini WiFi module with ESP8266 can easily be programmed using Arduino IDE, and smartphone or browser apps can be developed with free and available tools like Blynk.

Turn your lights on and off, open and close your garage door, remote start your whirlpool heater and circulation pump. Whatever project comes to your mind.

CANADUINO Smarter Relays 4.2 is a Do-It-Yourself kit comprising only through-hole parts and is easy to build using basic electronic tools.


Substitute parts: If we can’t source the value of the part as shown in the schematics, we will ship the kit with a substitute part close enough to guarantee proper function. Please always install the exact matching parts first, and install Substitutes at last. This way, you will not mistakenly install the wrong parts.


Power (5V, 500mA) can be supplied through 5V header pin or USB in case the D1 mini is installed.

Download assembling instructions and documentation

Arduino demo sketch for WiFi control using a web browser

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