ADS1115 4-Channel ADC Analog-Digital-Converter I2C – for Arduino STM32 etc.

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The ADS1115 is precision, low-power, 16-bit, I2C-compatible, analog-to-digital converter (ADCs). ADS1115 incorporate a low-drift voltage reference and an oscillator, a programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and a digital comparator. These features, along with a wide operating supply range, make the ADS1115 well suited for power-constrained sensor measurement applications. The ADS1115 performs conversions at data rates up to 860 samples per second (SPS). The PGA offers input ranges from 256 mV to 6.144 V, allowing precise large- and small-signal measurements. The ADS1115 features an input multiplexer (MUX) that allows two differential or four single-ended input measurements. Use the digital comparator in ADS1115 for under- and overvoltage detection. The ADS1115 operates in either continuous-conversion mode or single-shot mode. The device is automatically powered down after one conversion in single-shot mode; therefore, power consumption is significantly reduced during idle periods. The wide operating voltage range of 2.0 to 5.5V makes it the ideal choice for 3.3V and 5V microcontroller applications. The average current consumption in continuous conversion mode is just about 0.15mA. Libraries and projects for Arduino, Raspberry etc. are available online from many well known sources (or use a search engine). Note: Depending on availability we will ship the blue or the purple version. Both modules are technically identical. If you care a lot about the colour of your PCBs, you might ask what’s currently in stock before you order.

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