8 Channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer advanced SMD DIY kit

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8 Channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer advanced SMD DIY kit

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This is a DIY Kit, not for “bloody” beginners. It requires some experience in SMD soldering, and – of course – the necessary equipment like pencil-tip solder pen, and thin solder wire (0.5mm for example).

This device has an audio loop-through, and you can connect it in between a source like a MP3 player, and an Amplifier. These are the basic functions:

  • Automatic gain control always shows the best possible effect.
  • Simple, and easy to understand circuit design.
  • Different modes and sensitivity can be set by the press of a button.
  • Showing frequency response and amplitude for the input signal.


Mode selection:

Test mode

Press the button before you power it up, and it will run a LED test mode.

Display mode

Press the button for not more than 1.5 seconds to switch between 3 different refreshing speeds. The display shows “S1” or “S2” for the 2 available slower speeds, and “F” for the fast refresh mode.

Sensitivity mode

Press the button for more than 1.5 seconds to switch between low (L), medium (M), and high (H) sensitivity. The current setting will be shown as one of the letters L, M or H on the display.

To assemble the kit, just match the names for the parts on the PCB with the names in the schematic, and make sure you assemble electrolytic capacitor, IC, and LEDs in the right direction. Resistors and ceramic capacitors have no polarity. There are some more parts (capacitors) shown on the schematic than on the PCB; please just ignore them. You will find out the polarity and color of the LEDs by testing them with a multimeter (in diode forward voltage measuring mode). When you assemble the LEDs to the PCB, make sure the cathode of the LEDs shows to the side of the PCB where the “Y” logo and the mode button is.

The size of the PCB is 75 x 45mm, the operating voltage is 5V DC.

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