60 Watt Class-D Audio HiFi Amplifier Module TPA3118, 12-24V, Mono

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This 60 W Class-D Audio HiFi Amplifier board features the Texas Instruments TPA3118 Filter-Free Class-D Amplifier With AM Avoidance. It does not require a heat sink for output power of max. 50W.

– 1 x 60 into 2 BTL Load
– operation voltage 8 V to 24 V
– efficiency >90%
– Up to 1.2-MHz Switching Frequency
– AM avoidance
– Feedback Power-Stage Architecture With High PSRR Reduces PSU Requirements
– Single Power Supply Reduces Component Count
– Integrated Self-Protection Circuits Including Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overtemperature, DCDetect, and Short Circuit
– ambient temperature -40C to 85C

The TPA3118 is a efficient, digital amplifier power stage. The TPA3118 advanced oscillator/PLL circuit employs a multiple switching frequency option to avoid AM interferences.

The TPA3118 devices are fully protected against faults with short-circuit protection and thermal protection as well as overvoltage, undervoltage, and DC protection.

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