50 pcs LED SMD 5730 High Power 0.5W bright white DIY lighting project

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This kit contains 50 High-Power LEDs in 5730 SMD package.

Typical forward voltage: 3.2V @ 100mA (recommended)
Maximum power rating: 500mW

Sufficient cooling is required if the power consumption exceeds 150mW. Therefore, the package has a pad in the center of its back, which is supposed to have a thermal connection to a copper area of > 1 cm2 for necessary heat dissipation.

The color is daylight white (cold white).

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1 review for 50 pcs LED SMD 5730 High Power 0.5W bright white DIY lighting project

  1. m.p (verified owner)

    These are nice and bright, and for the price they can’t be beat.

    300mA is the max that I’m comfortable running them at so far – partly because they’re painfully bright at that power, and partly because I don’t completely trust my impromptu heat sink (a small strip of thin metal).

    If you have a project that only needs one, or just want to try one out, a 3-pin strip of a standard 2.5mm pin header has the outer two pins spaced perfectly to easily solder the LED to, and then it fits perfectly in a breadboard or pre-drilled perfboard!

    Long story short: they’re very bright, a great deal, and easy to use… but you definitely need a heat sink.

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