5 pcs MOC3023 Opto-Coupler DIP8 with Triac output 400V AC

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MOC3023 is the most versatile member of the MOC302x Opto-Insulator family. The other models MOC3020-3022 need higher minimum LED current to safely latch the output (10-25mA). The MOC3023 only needs 5mA, resulting in just about 1.15V LED forward voltage, which makes it the perfect AC switching device to drive by low-voltage micro controllers (down to <1.5V operating voltage). The very low LED current can be provided by pretty much every micro controller available on the market today.

With the capability of switching up to 400V AC, and a nominal current of 100mA (max. surge current 1A), a 10W resistive load can be driven directly on 120V AC.

Maximum power dissipation: 300mW
Maximum insulation voltage: 5000V

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