16 Relay Module 250V 10A – Optocoupler Input – 5V Power Supply

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16 Relay Board With Optocoupler Input and 10A Outputs. For Arduino, Raspberry etc.

This relay board comes with 16 high current print relays, capable of switching up to 10A @ 250VAC (or 30VDC). The inputs are opto-insulated. The relay board has 5V logic level compatible inputs (sink), and needs a 5V power supply (min. 1.2A) for the relays.

Each relay draws about 72mA. Therefore a 6W power supply is the minimum recommendation (any USB phone charger 1.2A or higher will do).

The inputs are LOW active. It means, the output of an microcontroller (like Arduino or Raspberry) draws the 5V level to GND (<20mA). The LOW level activates the relay, a high level (or 3-state level) deactivates the relay. LEDs show the status of every output.

Dimension approximately 180 x 90 x 19 mm. Weight about 225g.

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