1.54” e-Paper e-Ink display 200 x 200 pixel, Arduino Library

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1.54” e-Paper e-Ink display 200 x 200 pixel, Arduino Library

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This product is an E-paper display, adopting the technology of Microencapsulated Electrophoretic Display (MED). The initial approach is to create tiny spheres, in which the charged color pigments are suspending in the transparent oil and would move depending on the electronic charge. The E-paper screen display patterns by reflecting the ambient light, so it has no background light requirement. Under sunshine, the E-paper screen still has high visibility with a wide viewing angle of 180 degree.

This display needs a total of 6 data lines to connect to a microcontroller.

Note: Different from the traditional SPI protocol, the data line from the slave to the master is hidden since the device only has display requirements.

  • CS: Slave chip select; when CS is low, the chip is enabled.
  • DC: Data/command control pin; when DC = 0, write command, when DC = 1, write data.
  • SCLK: SPI communication clock.
  • SDIN: Data line from the master to the slave in SPI communication.

Sample code and instructions for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and STM32 are available on MH-ET Live GitHub repository.

Dimensions Module: 39.5 x 55 x 8.5mm

Dimensions Display Area: 27.5 x 27.5mm

Weight of the Module: 11.5g

The Display comes together with an acrylic front glass, spacers, and a pin strip connector.

Weight0.035 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 15 mm






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