Fakes and Counterfeits

Since most of our products are coming from China, we are facing issues with counterfeit products once in a while.

When ever we find out about a phoney product, we stop selling it immediately, and issue a note to everyone who recently ordered this product.

Since no faked product in the world is clearly marked as counterfeit, and we are not able to easily identify if a certain chip for example is a genuine part or a fake, we want to ask your help. If you received a part from us, and you can demonstrate or explain why this part is a counterfeit, we would appreciate your help very much. We don’t want to deal with counterfeit items, we don’t want to violate copyright laws. Therefore, we want to encourage everyone, not to tolerate falsified brand products. Regardless how nice they look or how compelling the price tag looks, it is stolen intellectual property.

As a measure of precaution, we are not importing or selling brand products. We will never sell an Arduino compatible board “Made in China” with an Arduino logo on it, for example. So if you think the “original Arduino UNO R3 China Version” with Chinese letters on the board and a lower price than the “English” version would be a legal product, you are wrong. Many companies in China sell products and call them “official version”, which is already an indicator for a fake product.

If you are aware of a counterfeit product within our shop, or you received a counterfeit product from us, please send a message to our customer support team. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding, and your help in regards to stop counterfeits.